Zero B : RO Water Purifiers - Kitchenmate

These Purifiers use a semi-permeable membrane to separates physical, microbiological, chemical impurities from water. In the RO process, water molecules pass through the RO membrane but the salts and other contaminants cannot and hence gets drained out. The water that makes through the RO Membrane is treated and pure RO Water There are various different types of RO Purifiers offered by us.

Full Specifications

Technical Specification
Dimension (L x W x H) 305 x 220 x 372 (in mm)
Weight 13 kg
Flow Rate 8 Litres / hour
Max. Duty Cycle 40 Litres / Day
Inlet Pressure ( Min / Max) 0.5 -2.0-kg / cm2
Max. Feed water TDS 1300 ppm (Subject to hardness of inlet water been less than 500 ppm)
Rejection of TDS (Min.) Up to 95%
Recovery of Pure Water (Min.) Up to 35%
Sediment Filter 5-10 Micron rated
RO Membrane 50 GPD
Input Voltage 230V AC± 10%, 50Hz
Power Consumption 30 watts Max
Stages of Purification 7
Hydro pneumatic Tank Pressure in kg/cm2 1.8 to 2.8 (factory set)
Tank Dimension (Height x Dia) (in mm) 340 x 240