Our Vision & Mission

xerox machine in Lucknow

Argus Business Machine Pvt. Ltd. is your one stop technology company for all your Photocopier needs. We offer new photocopy machines with full warranties, machine service and repair.

Unlike our competitors, we concentrate our efforts on the business owner, such as you, who requires a greater attention to detail and personalized service. Argus Business Machine Pvt. Ltd offers same-day machine repair and service, on site or in our shop.

Our friendly, professional and qualified staff will do everything in its power to make your machine repair a positive experience. This means speaking in non technical, easy-to-understand terms, and explaining what's wrong and what your options are. This also means taking whatever steps are necessary to make sure you are completely satisfied with our service. We are committed to delivering the highest level of service even after the product has been installed.

By partnering with Argus Business Machine Pvt. Ltd you can leverage our product management, infrastructure and experience to deliver a top-quality solution for less than building and supporting in house.

Our Services


Argus Business Machine Pvt. Ltd supply for all models of Sharp copiers, fax, and printers, and will match any local vendor’s price.


As a customer with a maintenance agreement, we examine and provide preventative maintenance on your machines to ensure they are functioning properly. This way our technicians are able to catch malfunctions before they occur.

On-Site Service

Our on-site machine support service makes getting your machine fixed easy! No need to disconnect all those cables, loads it into the car and drop it off at a repair shop. One of our friendly technicians will come right to your home or business and repair your machine on the spot. We service areas of entire Uttar Pradesh.

Remote Support

Our quick and easy remote support is available to residential and business clients. We can solve most software issues relatively quickly and no need for specific on site appointments, sticking around the house or, interrupting the office during the work day.