Zero B - ECO RO Water Purifier(RO)

The Zero B ECO RO Water Purifier is an excellent RO storage type water purifier using a revolutionary HRR technology and advanced ESS technology. It is a product that offers ultra pure and safe drinking water that meets customer expectations on membrane cartridge life, water wastage, and constant water purity.

This 8 stage water purifier gives you clean drinking water that meets USEPA and IS 10500 drinking water standards. It has a water tank with a storage capacity of 6 litres. This is the world only eco RO water purifier that offers you 70 percent pure water recovery.

Water Purification Technology:

This water purifier uses advanced RO (Reverse Osmosis) water purification technology. It uses highly efficient RO Membrane filter that can effectively remove waterborne micro organisms and heavy metals from the feed water. This purifier utilizes the revolutionary HRR technology and advanced ESS technology to deliver highly pure water. The HRR technology reduces the wastage of water by 80% when compared to other RO water purifiers. The ESS technology helps in automatically cleaning the purifier and thereby preventing germ build up. The E-health sanitizes the water storage tank continuously in order to prevent germ build up. This purifier uses 8 purification stages that ensures more safe and healthy drinking water. The water purification capacity of this purifier is 10 litres/ hour.

Full Specifications

Features: Automactic Tank Level Control, Automatic Power Flush Enhances Membrane Life, Cleans Purifier Automatically 24X7, Improves Water Recovery Phenomenally, Keeps Tank Water Fresh For A Week, Makes Other UV And RO Outdated, Prevents Germ Build Up In Tank
No of Purification stages: 8
Installation: Wall Mount
Membrane Type: RO Membrane
(WxDxH): 370x230x275
Weight: 12kg
Operating Voltage: 280V 24V
Warranty: 1 Year(s)
Purification Technology: RO
Storage Capacity: 6 Litre(s)
Flow Rate: 10
Filter Cartridge: Bacteriostatic Activated Carbon, E Health Carbon Filter, High Q Filtration, Pre Filtration, Ultra Low Fouling Reverse Osmosis Membrane, Water Saver Cartridge
Type of Water Purifier: Storage
Color: Green, White