Zero B : RO Water Purifiers - Intello

The new Zero B intello is a first of its kind with a customized electronic process monitor.This special feature informs the user of the quality of water,flow rate of water,total water consumed and an early warning on the remaining life of the filter elements for planned replacement.This steel finish version is specifically meant for designer kitchens where the compact Zero B Intello can be placed under the counter sink zero b intello uses reverse osmosis,a worldwide effective technology.The new zero b intello uses a built in,unique electronic system sanitizer ESS which is an international break through in drinking water treatment unlike coventional RO,the built in ess prevents slime formation in entire system components which enhances ro membrane life,keeps the purified water tank free from bacteria .This ensures fresh water all the time and gives high shelf life to water.

The Zero B Intello Water Purifier has a customized electronic process monitor. This feature allows the user to gather information regarding the quality of water, the flow of the water, the quantity of water consumed and a fore warning on the life of the filter elements.

Full Specifications

Technical Specification
15 LPH
25 LPH
Dimension (L x W x H) 445 x 275 x 410 mm 445 x 275 x 410 mm
Weight 16.5 kg 17 kg
Flow Rate 30 liters / hour 37 liters / hour
Max. Duty Cycle 150 Liters / Day 185 Liters / Day
Inlet Pressure (Min/Max) 0.5 -2.0-kg / cm2 0.5 -2.0-kg / cm2
Max. Feed Water TDS 1500 ppm 1500 ppm
Rejection of TDS (Min.) Up to 95% Up to 95%
Water Recovery (Min.) Up to 35% Up to 35%
Sediment Filter 10 micron 10 micron
RO Membrane 75 GPD x 2 75 GPD x 3
Input Voltage 230 ± 10% VAC 230 ± 10% VAC
Power Consumption 80 W Max. 80 W Max.
Stages of Purification 7 7
Hydropneumatic Tank Pressure in kg/cm2 1.8 to 2.8 (factory set) 1.8 to 2.8 (factory set)
Tank Dimension (Hgt x Dia) 368 x 267 368 x 267

* Under test conditions of water input @750 TDS level
This product is comprised of Unit, Tank & Faucet