Zero B - UV Grande Water Purifier

Design and Dimensions:

Zero B UV Grande Water Purifier (UV) is built with storage capacity of 8 litres that weighs 7.1 kg and is 270x230x370 mm in dimension. Its white body is made of high quality material which is safe and has longer durability and is a wall-mounted unit that saves space in your kitchen. The storage tank is detachable and stores 4 litres of water which can be used always that also adds up as an extra advantage for easy cleaning of tank. This water purifier comes with 5 stages of purification that gives you pure and safe water. This unit has an ESS technology to sanitize the tank water that helps in preventing germ build up inside the water. The power consumption of this unit is 20 Watts along with the operating voltage of 230 V.

Full Specifications

Features: Automatic Fully Automatic Operations, Heptapure Technology Purification Process Ensures Pure And Safe Drinking Water, Longer Life Works On Low Water Pressure Thus Enhancing Life Of the Membrane, TLC Valve Ensures Pump Cut Off Whenever The Tank Fillsup
No of Purification stages: 6
Installation: Wall Mount
Weight: 4Kg
Purification Technology: UV
Storage Capacity: 8 Litre(s)
Type of Water Purifier: Storage
Color: White