Zero B - UV Grande Water Purifier(UV)


Ion Exchange introduces a new revolutionary Zero B UV Grande water purifier which redefines the purity and security of the treated water.

Ultraviolet disinfection is a well accepted natural, non chemical, environmentally safe technique for purifying physical & biologically contaminated water.

It is known that UV purifier only deactivate or paralyze disease causing microbes by altering genetic structure of cell and rendering them incapable of production. A lacuna of this technology is that some strains of paralyzed microbes may get reactivated or revived when exposed to direct sunlight.

In conventional UV purifying systems, even the purest UV purified water that is stores in bottles or in containers can get re contaminated due to build up of slime or bacterial growth. This is a non remedial situation.

The Zero B UV Grande water purifier is the Remedy against photo reactivation of microbes and recontamination of water.

ESS Technology : Electrolytic System Sanitizer

The product water can get re contaminated by external factors like unhygienic conditions and improper handling of the tank and also photo reactivation of the deactivated diseases causing bacteria

When the purified water passes through electrolytic system sanitizer, the built in ESS will release trace amounts of silver and hydroxyl ions in the water. These ions will denature the paralyzed microbes completely by breaking the cell walls. This ensures complete elimination of microbes from incoming water.